Mysterious and feline Italian dominatrix with a passion for the occult, able to blend esotericism with BDSM and fetish practices.


I am a forty year old lady of high culture and sophisticated tastes, I am slender build and fit the size 35, my feet are always clean, well cared for and NEVER smelling. I am reserved by nature and very empathetic, but don’t be misguided  by my kind manners and my persuasive voice; you will never hear me scream, you will hear only a whisper and you will be the victim of my enchantment, you will be prey to my sadistic and perverse games.

I prefer mental domination, but I also love to subdue with loud spanking and violent whipping; kicks, punches and slaps are a great source of fun for me. I appreciate obedience and reverence.

I like to be addressed as Madam even outside of games, I love to be spoiled and surprised, I like luxuries and kindnesses however I am a very modest person for this I cannot stand the stingy and those who do not give the right value to the time spent together . I am very ironic and this is reflected in my domination.

I am open to dialogue but I do not tolerate it being abused of my patience and my time.


I like to give my sessions a dark atmosphere, I am a great lover of esotericism that I love to blend with fetish and BDSM practices. My sessions are aimed at gentlemen and ladies who want to have fun exploring and experiencing new sensations always in mutual respect. I also accept novices as long as they are aware and educated and that they have a minimum idea of ​​what they want to experience.

I like to subdue starting in a soft way, with a mental domination also made up of a lot of irony and humiliation and continue with more painful practices up to the limit and possibly go beyond.

A SAFEWORD is agreed in all sessions with which it is possible to ask for a break or stop the games. I expect the SAFEWORD to be used sparingly and only in case of real need!

With me you can create many types of situations and role-playing games: mom and son, aunt and niece, doctor and sick, psychologist and patient, etc.

Unleash your imagination and creativity, propose intriguing situations and let me have fun!

no sex

no nudo

no scat

no adorazione
parti intime

I prefer psychological domination and I like to practice erotic hypnosis in a soft way. I also love role-playing games but this does not detract from pure sadism practices such as whip, spanking, cbt, nipple paly, ballbusting, needles etc.

My absolute favorite practice is trampling, which I like to practice especially at parties or in the disco or outdoors.

I am based in Novara where I receive in a discreet and informal apartment but I move regularly to Milan and Varese for couple games with Masters or Mistress friends; I can also reach you with appropriate agreements.

I receive in Vigevano in a highly equipped and welcoming professional studio in an environment of absolute privacy.

I also really like outdoor games and am open to public humiliation in bars or restaurants or while shopping.

I receive by appointment only. Last minute calls are not welcome.

Misia zia



I receive strictly by appointment and with a notice of about 24 hours.

I can move with adequate arrangements.

I also really like outdoor games and am open to public humiliations done in a soft way.

Available on webcam for those who are geographically distant.


+39 375 5138954




I create customized sets of videos and photos, send your ideas in detail described, if they are feasible, I will realize them as soon as possible, naturally subject to appropriate agreements.

you can also find me on